Vigil: Shot and Shade

Vigil: Shot and Shade

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Status : Ongoing
Update : 2020-02-22



From dawns break to dusk fall, the struggles of life try to weigh upon the youthful and cheerful mind of Nikolai Yuugo. For long has the young waif sat upon the cracked stone of the dockside watching the tall ships sail on by, dreaming of a life far an free beyond the shackles of tedious monotony and callous cruelty at the hands of his fellow foundlings. However, as fortune would have it, the young boys lingering dream of escaping the suffocating crush of his weary existence is closer to fruition than it first appears when he and his companions stumble upon what they suspect is a fallen star. Hounded for reasons beyond their understanding, and burdened with knowledge no mortal should be cursed to bear, a mantle must be shouldered, with countless unanswered questions in tow, for why does it always seem that the heaviest burdens fall upon the most unlikely shoulders of them all.


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